enhancing your own beautiful features, naturally

Welcome to Dermal Enhancements, a private permanent makeup studio striving to amplify your beauty with skill, precision, and the latest in techniques and technology.

Please note, there have been some recent small fee increases.  If you have been quoted based on previous fees, the quote will be honoured.

NEW:  SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS AND GOLD PLATED TOOTH GEMS in Sault Ste. Marie!! Safe, dental grade adhesive, as long lasting as you want. Design your smile!

Hennatician Brow Henna from Australia.  Natural looking henna treatments for the non-committal types, or those wanting to test drive a permanent eyebrow tattoo, or those between touch up sessions.  Safe, affordable and gorgeous.

  Permanent make up is changing lives internationally.  It is restoring what may have been lost over time or through a medical journey, simplifying daily life and boosting confidence 24/7.
Private Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario based studio serving clients all over northern Ontario and northern Michigan.
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Eighteen Training Certifications in Microblading, Machine Hairstroke Brows,Powder and Ombre Brows, Eyeliner, Lips, Anatomy and Physiology for Micropigmentation, 3D Areola Tattoo, and Microneedling.
Ottawa, Toronto, New York, Miami, Michigan, Dallas, Houston, Orlando.
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About your artist, Katie Mohamed, B.Sc., B.Ed., M.A.


I started Dermal Enhancements in the Winter of 2018 as a part time business that I plan to do more full time when I retire from the teaching profession in 2023.  I have always had artistic talent, but it was a conversation with a friend that brought me to the decision to pursue permanent makeup training.  She had to travel to have areola tattooing following her breast reconstruction. It struck me that a service like areola restoration and service permanent makeup overall, was missing in Sault Ste. Marie.   I had permanent eyeliner tattooed in Sudbury in 2007 and really liked my results but they did not last.  I aim to deliver treatments that last.

Since I took my permanent makeup and microblading training, I have been living and breathing permanent makeup/cosmetic tattooing and para-medical tattooing.   I have trained in Ottawa, Toronto, New York, Miami, Michigan, Dallas and Houston.  Because I also do copywriting, editing and blogging I have come to know and be mentored by some of the top industry artists and companies.


In February 2019 I became a member of the Society of Permanent Makeup Cosmetics Professionals and I now hold 18 certifications in a variety of permanent makeup procedures.  I now also contribute articles to the SPCP quarterly publication, a huge honour for someone so new to this business.

Every client's skin is unique.  And the face is very different from the body for the purposes of tattooing.  To that end, I employ the best technique, be it manual, machine, or a combination of both that is best suited to providing the best results.  I use Softap, a specialized hand method, rotary pen which uses a variety of different cartridges suited to the right job, a high powered conventional rotary machine and a coil machine.  The job, the skin and the desired results dictate how I approach your treatment.

At all times, my clients are kept comfortable with topical numbing cream, applied as often as is necessary, calm music and even a heating, vibrating bed pad if you like!