Are you a good candidate for permanent makeup?

Please provide your email so I can send you my fillable consent forms to review ahead of our appointment.  

Permanent Makeup is highly unlikely to cause an allergic reaction but patch tests are available at no charge.

Please be advised that very sensitive skin may require more sessions and there will be a charge for these sessions.  

If you are in good overall health (and no, age is not an issue, unless you are under 18!) you are definitely a candidate for permanent makeup.  However it is important to consider that a variety of factors can affect the fixation, placement and retention of colour, as the face is a very different canvas for the purposes of tattooing than anywhere else on the body.

Some medications and supplements can hinder the best results (see FAQ SECTION).  Definitely certain skin types will experience different results from one type to another and in some cases even after a successful previous treatment, your skin can be different later on.  Lifestyles, UV rays, pollution, skin care, substance use, medications, supplements, activities and many other things make healed results difficult or even impossible to predict.  However, this will all be decided and discussed on a case by case basis.  No matter what, each permanent makeup treatment involves an initial session and a retouch no sooner than 5 weeks and no later than 10.  A 3rd session MAY be necessary to give you the best possible results.

Take some time to read the FAQ SECTION, and also to read over my consents and waivers (see tab top of page).  Give me a call or message with any questions.  If you feel you require a consult I am happy to meet with you at no charge.