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Many of our treatments go hand in hand with others.  For example, clients who have undergone microneedling and/or chemical peels are encouraged to maintain results with maintenance  protocols such as hydrating facials, and dermaplaning, though these are also stand-alone services.  A facial can be easily customised for your skin needs, with home care products developed to support your skin.

From the fluffy natural look of eyebrow laminations to the fun self expressions of tooth gems, we are always looking to add services that are in style but also safe and affordable. 


From $40   •   45 min

Dermaplaning involves the removal of dead skin cells and facial “peach fuzz” using professional tools. It is a very effective treatment for clients with exceedingly dry and/or acneic and oily skin. It can assist with acne scarring, dull pallor, skin tone issues. A dermal planing session takes about 30 minutes and can be done on the face, neck and chest. Skin is stimulated and rejuvenated. We will often add derma planing to other facial treatments for optimal absorption of products. However, it is a great treatment as a standalone, helping to prevent concealer and makeup from settling into lines and wrinkles and exacerbating the signs of aging. This treatment is followed by a hydrating moisturizer and facial massage.

Our clinical dermal planning treatments use professional tools and are performed by a trained clinician. For time between treatments, we will show you how to do a lower level version at home. 

Brow Lamination

From $55

This treatment is the latest rage in brow artistry and it involves no makeup or tattooing. If you are someone who has a sufficient amount of brow hair you are a candidate for this awesome treatment. Eyebrow hair is notoriously stubborn in how it grows. A single eyebrow might have up to 4 different growth patterns and it often takes a great deal of product to style the brows. As we have stated in other areas of this site, we are not fans of heavy duty cosmetics because we know what is in them! Making matters worse are the products required to remove gels and pastes and the irritation to the skin that may result. A brow lamination utilizes a gentle safe perming solution to soften the hair growth so that, for about 6 to 8 weeks, you are free to style your brows as you like with nothing more than a spoolie. Treatment takes about 20 minutes and will not harm your skin, as we protect it with a barrier product. 

The result is a fluffy youthful untouched looking brow. Fluff it up or style it neat.

Customised Facial Protocols

Price and duration dependent on treatment

It can be said that if you are coming to us for skin care, everything we suggest will have customization to it. We can combine many approaches to optimize your results and as you begin to see them, it is important to stay ahead of the game and make changes. Many clients use the same products year in and year out, but our skin needs evolve, particularly in our climate of extreme temperature fluctuations. Hormonal changes, stress, changes in lifestyle, all factor in when you consider what your skin needs today. 

A customized protocol will be designed uniquely for your goals and skin needs and will include recommendations for home care.

Light Therapy

From $40   •   30 Mins

Dermal Enhancements offers full body and face low level light therapy that has been scientifically shown to aid in a vast array of conditions. From anxiety, insomnia, seasonal affective disorder and depression, to skin rejuvenation which stimulates collagen production, tightens skin, reduces the signs of aging and addresses damaged skin (scars, stretch marks) owing to reduced inflammation and improved cellular function and an increase in melatonin production. Additionally, light therapy is gentle and has no down time or down side and can be used to treat pigmentation problems, melasma and even rosacea. Low level light therapy, in fact, replaces intense pulsed laser (IPL) in many treatments. Acne sufferers have a non-medical solution to addressing all types of acne, even when inflamed, on the face, chest and back, with the miraculous blue light therapy treatment. 

Clients who suffer from chronic pain, or who have a need to expedite healing after an injury or surgery benefit significantly from near infrared light therapy. In fact light therapy BEFORE and after surgery is recommended to rejuvenate cells. This treatment is very common with elite athletes to improve performance and address joint and muscle pain.

Based on science developed by NASA, our cells absorb specially designed long wavelength LED lights set to specific nanometers. These lights are warming but produce no heat. Treatments are relaxing and last no more than 30 minutes. To date, science supports the benefits of red, blue and near infrared. Other light colours are being studied, but have not yet borne reliable results. With our full body panel, clients can benefit from red and near infrared simultaneously which is really the best of both worlds.

For skin rejuvenation, aging, stretch marks, scars, pigmentation issues, laxity.

For all types of acne, including cystic, as the blue light destroys the bacteria within the skin.

Pain management, wound healing, injury repair, cellular repair.

insomnia, anxiety, depression, tension.

Clients may choose a treatment course of 8 to 12 sessions, followed by maintenance sessions. Clients with chronic issues may wish to purchase a light panel for more regular home use and this can be arranged through our studio.

Tooth Gems

From $50   •   30 Min

Tooth Gems are fun ways to express yourself without harm to your teeth. We use dental grade adhesive only. They can be applied on dentures, crowns and veneers as well as on normal tooth enamel. We have a wide array of gold placed, Swarovski crystals in all colours, as well as opal look gems. Diamonds and specific gems, prepaid, can be ordered for you.

If your gem detaches within the first week we reattach, no charge. Some gems last months, others years and some just a few weeks. We encourage selected only flat teeth for application to optimize adhesion. Post care for the gems is critical. Please arrive to your appointment with clean teeth as you cannot brush for 24 hours post application. Plan to use straws and eat soft foods after application.

We have both self cure and light cure systems. 

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