Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt?

Anesthetic is applied as needed and most clients report the treatment being very comfortable.  I have several techniques that I employ and I will use the best technique for your comfort level. 

How long does it take?

My appointments are booked for 2 hours inclusive of pre-drawing, numbing and treatment.  Some treatments, such as a lip tattoo, may take a bit longer.  Please plan for 3 hours' time together, just in case.

How long does it last?

Permanent makeup is, technically, permanent.  However, skin type, lifestyle, medications, sun exposure and a host of other issues, known and unknown, affect the longevity of your treatment.  The face is a very different canvas from the rest of the body, so different factors come into play.  Comfort level is probably the only thing you can use to compare this treatment to a conventional tattoo.  In general, you can expect perhaps 8 to 12 months for microblading, 1 to 3 (or more) years for fill brows, 1 to several years for eyeliner, and 1 to several years for lips (with about 50 to 70 percent fading). 


However, in saying this, it does not mean your treatment will disappear.  It means that your treatment will fade.  Annual retouches are always recommended and a 30% discount off of the price you initially paid is offered for these.  Outside 12 months a full fee is applied.

Will I leave with a really dark set of brows, eyeliner or lips?

Your treatment will appear quite dark immediately post.  We have a (mandatory) retouch session within 5 to 10 weeks to perfect the treatment.  However, fading will always occur, sometimes evenly and sometimes unevenly.  We will discuss appropriate colour selections to mitigate this.  Under client candidacy you will find photos that show IN GENERAL the healing schedule and what to expect.  Please keep in mind it is a general estimate.  

What is the difference between microblading and permanent makeup?

The only difference is the technique and tool.  Microblading and permanent makeup brows are both forms of cosmetic tattooing, with microblading lasting less time than other techniques.  Microblading is only suitable for specific skin types and cannot be done repeatedly.  I offer a variety of brow procedures, all of which are beautiful and natural looking.

Who should avoid having permanent make up done?

Please download and review my consent and waiver forms.  They cover all facial treatments so don't freak out at the number of questions!  The PDF can be found under client candidacy.  You must give careful consideration to anything you take, consume, or do that can cause a reaction, swelling, redness, etc.  If I notice these during my work I will stop.  My forms indicate the risks involved and they are no different from risks in any treatment where the skin is broken and something is introduced--such as regular tattoo, Botox and fillers, skin rejuvenation treatments.

Do I need to shave my brows first?

I work over the existing brow hair and incorporate it into your shape as best as possible.  However, trimming may be necessary so I can see my work area better.  Also, if you are looking for some slight reshaping and agree to maintenance, a removal of some brow hair may be necessary.

Can you help me achieve a look that I saw in a magazine?

Perhaps, provided it is in keeping with your facial contours and/or bone structure.  I will not give you bigger lips, I will not tattoo on an eyeliner that may droop as you age, nor will I tattoo on brows that do not belong on your face.  I ENHANCE what you have.  Asymmetry of the face is to be expected.  Every effort will be made to align your features.  Facial animation, the aging process, your own expectations and wishes, along with some other factors, place limits on what is achievable.  "Taking care of you"...aren't just words----the design process is an area where you need to trust me.

I have very sensitive skin and some allergies, can I still get permanent makeup?

Generally speaking, of course.  But if you have these I recommend you come for a consultation (free) to have a patch test done of everything I use during be safe.  Read this section carefully, and review my forms under client candidacy.

What is your appointment policy?

Effective Fall 2019 require a $50 advance non-refundable deposit which is applied to your treatment.  Clients who do not show up and/or who cancel within 24 hours will need to pay up front on any reschedule--this is because I am a by-appointment only studio.   My appointments are on specific weekdays late afternoon/evenings and Saturdays.  I take cash, eTransfer , most major credit cards or Paypal payments.  Your treatment consists of an initial session, and a follow up session no sooner than 5 weeks and no later than 10 weeks.  A set up fee applies to each touch up. 

How should I prepare for my appointment?

Ideally you will not have makeup on, but you may want to to have it on to show me your desired shape and colour.  If you are seeking to have a brow, eyeliner or lip shape that has the potential to drastically change your appearance, will sag over time with your skin, or requires me to break standard "rules" for doing permanent makeup (i.e. connecting corners on eyeliner and at corners of lips, tattooing far outside your natural brow area, or giving you very thick or misplaced brows in order to achieve symmetry), I will respectfully decline service.  Some light exfoliation to the area may be recommended.  You will be asked to take an anti-viral medication if you have been prone to cold sores for any lip or eyeliner treatment.  You may be asked to go off of certain supplements.  I will not ask you to go off of any medications that will affect your health; however, a more careful treatment course might be planned for you.

What if I don't like my treatment?

At your appointment we pre-draw what you are looking for, based on the limitations stipulated above.  I will take a photograph before and after.  I do not begin work unless and until every segment of my consent and waiver forms have been signed and unless you have consented to the colour and shape.  We have 2 sessions, possibly 3, to address any imperfections, fading, colour, shape, etc.  I always aim to be conservative at the first session.  I do not give refunds if you later decide you are unhappy.  I can, however, remove your colour.  Going to another artist after seeing me automatically releases you as a client.    At all times, you must be completely honest on your consents and waivers.  Sometimes the smallest things can be important.  Informing me after the fact, as I am working does not help either of us.  

I had my treatment done elsewhere and I want you to fix it.

Out of respect for your previous artist my first recommendation would be to give them the opportunity to fix what you do not like.  However, if over a year has passed, I will discuss a plan of action for correction and/or removal/lightening of the colour.  If you repeatedly seek out microblading services year after year, you will experience scarring (I am very selective on who I agree to perform microblading on).  I may need to break that scarring down first if any colour is expected to remain at all in your skin.  There are things like misplaced pigment and over saturation of colour that may not necessarily be the fault of the artist (see sections on after-care, as well as impact of lifestyle on the longevity of treatment).  In the case of a removal I would prefer to know the age of the treatment, the pigment used, how often your work has been done and what your expectations are.  I support all artists and, things can happen.  This is why our consent and waiver forms are so detailed.  However, it is also why every potential client should do their research...following photos, checking on credentials, speaking with others. 

Who will you not treat?

I will not treat you if you have plans to be in the sun immediately after treatment.  I cannot treat you if you are on chemotherapy, certain medications, supplements, including antibiotics (must be off for one month).  I may elect not to do certain treatments if you are a regular substance user, including tobacco.  If you are prone to cold sore outbreaks of any must take a prescription anti-viral pre-treatment before a lip tattoo.  If you have had or plan to have waxing, injections (filler and Botox), please alert me.   If you are a smoker (tobacco or elicit substances) your healing time will be affected.  It does not rule you out as a candidate for permanent makeup, but you need to be advised of the expectations under such circumstances.

What can interfere with my treatment?

Things that may cause swelling, bruising under the skin (purpura), or excess bleeding are fish oils, Vit E supplements, ginkgo biloba, St. John's Wort, garlic, as well as Vitamin C, K, B12, and folic acid deficiencies, some elicit substances.  Other things include alcohol, caffeine (consumed close to session) ibuprofen, aspirin (including baby aspirin), NSAIDS, systemic cortico-steroids. 

What if my colour fades completely?

As you can see, there are many things known and unknown which can affect the final results of your treatment.  Very little is UNSAFE for you.  It is the things that can affect results that concern me as an that you get what you want and to avoid problems.  There are some (few) clients who will not hold pigment....often we can have a good idea why, sometimes it could be due to something you don't even know.  The same can occur with conventional tattooing, but the face is very different.  There are times it could have to do with the depth and pressure of the artist, and that is another reason for retouch sessions.  But an experienced artist is less likely to have depth issues than a newer artist.  At the end of the day, my fees are affordable.  I cannot offer a guarantee.  The most important thing is the integrity of your skin.

I have noticeable asymmetry, can you fix this?  

In some cases I can make the situation less noticeable, but I cannot change your face.  If the asymmetry is significant Botox or filler may be your best course of action before a permanent makeup treatment.

What are the risks of an eyeliner tattoo?

Eyeliner is a beautiful, long lasting solution for people who have shaky hands, do not see well, want extra time in the morning, or who cannot wear cosmetics due to sensitivities.  The eye area is very sensitive.  Lids can be vascular and you have ducts at both corners of the eye, as well as glands surrounding the eye.  While very rare, pigment migration can occur--this can occur with any tattoo. If observed during treatment, it can be fixed. Often it can occur years later.  It is for this reason your artist must adhere to strict protocols to avoid this possibility.  If you experience cold sores, I need to know.

What are the risks for a lip tattoo?

If you have a history of cold sore outbreaks, previous skin reactions or allergies, sometimes with a lip tattoo even a patch test can be insufficient.  So in the case of a lip tattoo, a conservative approach on first treatment is recommended and sun exposure on this very delicate thin tissue must be avoided until the area is healed.  An anti-viral MUST be taken a month pre-treatment if you have a history of such outbreaks.  I have found that tobacco use and alcohol use CAN affect healing so please report these to judgement.  

Can you camouflage hyper/hypo-pigmentation, under eye circles and scars?  

By November 2019 I will be able to correct some scarring.  I will not do under eye circles and I will be limited in the scars I can address for reasons I can explain at a consultation.  Only a well trained technician should be offering this procedure.   I can perform treatments to break down scar tissue in advance of an areola tattoo or a brow procedure (too much microblading).