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Medical Micropigmentation is simply a tattoo that assists with a medical matter.  This include replication of an areola following breast reconstruction, a navel following a tummy tuck, camouflaging a scar following injury or surgery (if other treatments fail to address it), lip tattoo to even out cleft palate surgery, or scalp density where there is hairline recession or thinning at the crown, along with other specialised treatments.  The art of tattoo has a vast range of applications and can be customised based on need.

All tattoos will lighten over time and this is true of medical tattoos. Some products used on the skin, the agitation from clothing, sun exposure and other factors contribute to this, though every client is different. In order to keep your treatment looking natural and fresh touch ups are recommended. In terms of initial treatment, we will always want you back after about 6 weeks of healing time to perfect and adjust. This is common of nearly all tattoo treatments we do. Sometimes touching up isn’t required, but we like to assess the healed results no matter what.

Medical Micropigmentation touch ups may require colour boosts over time. Please see the section under Permanent Makeup Routine Colour Boosts. 

For Areola

From $250   •   2 Hours

There are 3 main reasons why clients seek areola repigmentation. Firstly, if the breasts have been fully reconstructed after mastectomy, at best a surgeon can create what is known as a Diep flap which gives the appearance of nipple protrusion. Many patients simply have reconstruction and the skin is flat. Either way, it is not an issue because Katie can design your areola to look so realistic and three dimensional no one will know it is a tattoo. Clients may opt for as much detail as they like, including Montgomery Glands and milk duct orifices. They may also opt for a cute heart shape.

Men get breast cancer too and require surgery, so areola tattoo is equally applicable.

Secondly, some clients who have had enhancement or reduction surgery come away unhappy with their areola. They may either be misshapen, too light, too small or too scarred. All of this is reparable with tattoo. It isn’t common for body builders and exotic dancers to seek areola enhancements as well.

Lastly, patients who have undergone gender reassignment/confirmation surgery will often require their areola to be repigmented or replaced.

Katie uses a variety of colours and tattoo needles to create specific effects. Treatment is comfortable due to the application of topical anesthetic. Two full areolas takes approximately 2.5 hours with a mandatory retouch session after 6 weeks. 

For Scar Coverage

From $250   •   1.5 Hours

Using tattoo to camouflage a scar is a last resort option, since our work is very effective at diminishing and even eliminating the appearance of a scar through skin rejuvenation treatments. Scar camouflage can only be performed on hypopigmented scars (the absence of colour) and not discoloured scarring (though we are experienced treating those with other methods).The reason scar camouflage is a last resort is because once the area is tattooed, any exposure to sun will not affect the tattooed area; therefore, the area will look starkly different from the skin around it. Having said that, scar camouflage is very effective on areas of the body that will not be affected by melanin production from sun exposure. Many clients are so bothered by a scar that the treatment is completely worth it.

Scar camouflage is not done to appear opaque. In fact, it needs to be built up over a few sessions in order to avoid a very obvious “cover up”. Because we use diluted pigments in varying complementary hues, the treatment will require touching up every year to two years. 

For Thinning Hair

From $250   •   1.5 Hours

Scalp Micropigmentation is one of the fastest growing facets of the medical micropigmentation tattoo field and for very good reason. For so long hair loss sufferers have grappled with dubious treatments and products hoping to see their hair loss reverse. While it often does for some clients, as not all hair loss is permanent, for many clients the hair may never thicken/regrow. This is a fact of life men have had to deal with for centuries. It is also true of women as they age, or due to hormonal events or alopecia.

At this time Dermal Enhancements does not perform wide scale scalp micropigmentation. We do, however, do localized treatments to give the illusion of hair follicles in order to detract from the visibility of scalp skin—this is known as scalp density. Treatment involves the meticulous placement of authentic looking hair follicles in and around the affected area(s).The full procedure takes 2 to 3 sessions to gradually build a realistic finish. When complete, clients enjoy the treatment for several years and no long need fear the wind, working out or basically living a normal life. 

Customized Treatments

Price and duration dependent on treatment

The most sought after medical micropigmentation (tattoo) treatments fall under the category of medical because they solve a medical issue. These are areola and scalp density micropigmentation. However, there are many others that are required and every treatment is approached as a new plan. If a scar cannot be eliminated by Katie with dry needling or microneedling then perhaps it requires a camouflage treatment to disguise it.

If you are someone who has had cleft palate surgery and want your lips made more symmetrical or if you suffer from a hyperpigmentation condition on your lips, lip tattoo then falls under the category of medical. However, perhaps you have more unique requirements such as the replication of a nail bed if you lost your nail or lost the tip of your finger or toe.

Possibly you were born with a difference…such as webbed toes. Did you have a tummy tuck and lose your belly button?

Patients who have gone through gender confirmation surgery often have a host of needs post op. From areola re-pigmentation, phalloplasty scar coverage and authenticism colouration, and even scar revision or camouflage on donor skin sites, treatments can be customized for you with detailed consultation, photos and planning. It is all about the art. The purpose of tattoo with gender confirmed clients is to effect complete realism.

In the hands of an intuitive artist with skill and a keen eye, a treatment CAN BE designed for you. Many treatments are bespoke and, therefore, photos of them would not be appropriate, since client confidentiality is our utmost priority.

It takes great courage to reach out for certain tattoo treatments. Dermal Enhancements is your private safe space to ask the questions you might not have been comfortable asking before. 

Medical Micropigmentation Touch-Ups

From $50 – $125

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