Correcting Permanent Makeup

There are times when a permanent makeup treatment does not heal to the client's expectations.  There are many reasons this can occur.  Skin type, exposure, the type of pigment used, technique and artist skill, can all play a factor in your displeasure with your treatment.

Fortunately, correction options exist.  The skin will never be returned to its "virgin" state but changes can be made nearly imperceptible.

Clients may elect for an entire removal of an area, lightening of the pigment in the area, or a correction of the colour. 

At Dermal Enhancements, you may elect any of these options based on a thorough assessment and consultation of the work you seek to be treated.  Results WILL NOT be achieved in a single session.  Patience will be required.

Most important to you, as the client, is to seek out the least invasive options first.  Often a correction can be done quite simply.  Other times, a larger plan may be necessary.  

Call for a correction consultation and have trust that the expertise exists here and if I cannot help you, I am proud to belong to a network of gifted technicians to whom I am can refer you if absolutely necessary.