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Dermal Enhancements is a FULL-SERVICE permanent makeup studio, meaning if it is a permanent makeup treatment we offer it here. Some clinics only do eyebrows. Our services include permanent eyebrows, eyeliner and lips and under each of those categories is a range of different styles, techniques and methods. This is why we prioritize continuous education.  Every year new techniques and equipment are introduced that make the look of permanent makeup more natural than ever. It is a beautiful occupation because of the confidence boost it has given so many clients. There are many many permanent makeup options and we want our clients to know exactly what each looks like, and entails. We want longevity for all treatments and on point healed results.  We are the only studio in the region to offer both machine and manually applied treatments–for all services.  We use the Softap technique to either achieve a specific look or when the skin condition of the client requires a gentler approach.  If you refer to this website’s gallery you can see some of our work but to see work posted day to day with full descriptions of technique used, please refer to @dermalenhancements on Instagram or check out our Facebook page. Knowledge is power. It is your face we are talking about! We do not take this work in stride. Perfection and excellence are our goals and we work until we achieve it for you. Consults are always complimentary.  Note that in the rare case of requiring additional treatments after the standard perfection session, the 3rd session is always on us.  If additional sessions are required we will discuss fees on a case by case basis.  Our view is that if you paid us for a service, you should expect the results you paid for.  No artist can ever make a guarantee.

Powder Brows

From $350 ($50 for perfection session)  •   2.5 Hours

Powder Brows are perfect for every skin type, where other eyebrow cosmetic tattoo techniques may not be. A powder brow is a beautiful backdrop to any existing brow hair, sparse or not. It is the replication of a brow that is done so softly and elegantly no one will know it is a tattoo unless you tell them. A powder brow may be in the form of a flawless ombre brow, a brow with crisp and defined contours, a brow with soft edges, or it may be any combination thereof. We use either manual or machine technique and sometimes both to accomplish the look you want, with the consistent aim of respecting the skin. The longevity of your treatment is our primary concern. We establish your skin needs with a consultation, whether at treatment time or before. We set out a plan and we work with what the skin tells us as we perform your treatment. Very few permanent makeup studios offer clients both the gentle Softap™ technique as well as the traditional machine applied technique. We feel it is critical to be skilled in multiple techniques in order to be prepared for all clients, all skin types, all skin conditions.

Hybrid Brows

$375 ($50 for perfection session)   •   3 Hours

Combine a beautiful hairstroke brow, whether applied manually or with machine, with the delicate backstage of a powder brow and you truly have the best of both permanent makeup for eyebrows worlds. Often just a few hairstrokes complete the look and sometimes an entire brow may need to be replicated. When we add a powder fill the hairstrokes do not appear as though they are sitting on the skin, giving away your secret, they appear as though they are part of an entire natural brow and undetectable as a cosmetic tattoo treatment! The art of deception is our specialty; always with an emphasis on the most natural and complimentary look to enhance your natural features.

nano brows

$425 ($50 for perfection session)  •   3 Hours

Microblading took North America by storm only within the last 10 years and even less in our small northern region. Who wouldn’t want meticulously etched individual eyebrow strokes replicating a natural, perfect brow? The look is breathtaking. At Dermal Enhancements, however, we do not do microblading and one of our blogs explains why. Yet we achieve the same look, even better, with other less invasive techniques.

Hairstroke brows look just as microbladed brows do but without the “blade”. We use either a gentle manual technique or a tattoo machine to meticulously replicate individual brow hairstrokes without a blade ever opening your skin. Often this style or technique is referred to as digital microblading or nano brows. In fact, there are several terms that refer to the replication of a natural eyebrow through the careful tattooing of individual strokes. Yes, microblading is, as well, a tattoo. We elect to do whatever is best for our clients’ skin and their investment. Our methods last longer, are kinder to the tissue, are more comfortable and are simply, naturally, and authentically beautiful.

During a consultation we will explain and demonstrate our techniques and show you our results. Together we will decide what is best for your skin and for the longevity of your investment.

Guy Brows

From $275 ($50 for perfection session)  •   2.5 Hours

Men are not spared the experience of brow sparseness as they age. As brows frame the eyes and often complete the face, more and more men are seeking an enhancement to the remaining brows they have with the addition of masculine brow hair strokes that are so natural and deceiving you need tell no one. Careful attention is placed on ensuring that even after years of healing, there is no detection of there ever having been eyebrow tattoo work. Our goal is to always respect your privacy and confidence. Good eyebrows are decidedly not just beauty goal.


$375 – $450  ($50 for perfection session) •   2.5 Hours

Eyelash Enhancement   •   Classic Liner with Wing/Wedge   •  Classic Eyeliner with Smudged Contour   •  Classic Eyeliner with Eyeshadow   •   Lower Eyeliner Alone/Combined with Upper

The most wonderful thing about an eyeliner tattoo is that once it is done, it will be with you for many many years. All you may want is some extra colour occasionally. At Dermal Enhancements, eyeliner is probably the most popular treatment, and we believe this is owing to the variety of looks that you can ask for.

Every day eyeliner might be something as low key as a thin line gently nestled in the lashes that simply gives the eyes some depth and definition without anyone knowing there is a very thin tattoo resting there! Many men opt for this. Often clients want to go a little bit thicker but keep it basic.

A classic eyeliner look tapers toward the inner corners of the eye and gently builds in thickness and intensity toward the outer corner. Clients may opt for a finish that is a light “flick” or wing; others choose a wedged finish at the corners. A diffused contour is an option and is recommended for aged eyelids. It softens the edges of the upper liner contour, so it is not a crisp straight line along the length of the eyeliner treatment. If you are interested in something more exotic or dramatic, we can stack some additional colours or use another colour, other than the most requested black. We can make the wing or wedge very elongated and defined.

At Dermal Enhancements we always work within responsible limits, regardless of the request. If the wing extends too far out, it will droop in time as gravity catches up…as it does to all of us. If the colours requested are not the best choice for the client or in keeping with what we know about long term healed results, then we guide against it. Older clients who have worn their makeup a particular way for decades are unlikely to change; however, younger clients may not like an overly dramatic look within a few years, so we are always careful to discuss and utilize the most responsible treatment, which will always be breath-taking and flatter your eyes in ways you did not think possible.

In saying this, there are some ink varieties that will fade within a few years and clients testing out a look may opt for something more temporary than what we normally use in our treatments.

Lip Tattoo

From $375-$450 ($75 for perfection session)   •   3 Hours

Lip Liner – Contour or Ombre   •   Lip Blush   •   Lip Fill Lipstick
•   Hyperpigmentation Correction (price varies)

Clients seeking a full lip colour treatment are looking to add brightness to their overall look. A lip tattoo treatment does not heal intensely or too bright. In fact, the fading is substantial, which is why 2 sessions are typically required. Having said that, every client is different. The lovely advantage to a lip tattoo is that it restores what is lost over time, just as permanent eyebrows do. As we age–and sometimes, even young people notice this—the contours of our lips are less defined, possibly whitish or patchy/mottled. This is extrinsic aging from sun, exposure, the elements, free radicals and most importantly lack of care. We simply do not do for our lips what we do for our facial skin. Given that they are thin and delicate, it is no wonder you notice them appear smaller and less healthy before you see this with other areas.

A lip tattoo restores your contours, either in the natural colour of your lips, or in something a little more colourful. We can enhance your cupid’s bow, establish better symmetry, within responsible limits and even address scarring from injuries or surgeries such as cleft palate surgery. Lip tattoo can work in concert with lip fillers as well to provide an overall enhancement that offers that sultry, pouty look that has become so popular and flattering on many women.

Gentlemen, do not be put off!!!A contour restoration for lips is a very popular treatment with men, and confidentiality is completely respected. When we restore contours or correct lip damage or hyperpigmentation, this applies to both genders. In this case, we only use natural colours so, when fully healed, the correction gives you back your youthful contours and healthy colour, without any noticeable added colour remaining.

Many clients who have melanin rich skin may experience hyperpigmentation of the lips. This can occur naturally or it can occur after an over exposure to sun or other kind of damage. Such clients may wish to have more evenly coloured lips and a lip tattoo can achieve this. First we neutralize the over pigmented areas and let them heal until we see a more uniform colour. Thereafter if the client wishes extra colour added we can very gently proceed, so as not to trigger the same reaction as occurred in the first place. Melanin rich skin types are treated with extra care in all skin treatments due to pigmentation risks.

Permanent Makeup Routine Colour Boost

$150 per hour (one hour min)

Clients may wish to boost their tattooed colour every year to several years, depending on the treatment. All colour boosts are discounted. At your treatment we will discuss boost prices (a colour boost is a longer-term update, not your perfection session). Price will depend on the amount of colour/shape remaining.

Beauty Marks

From $50   •   2 Hours

Conversely, to freckles, where they were once covered up, beauty marks were ADDED!! Many people love a small beauty mark high up on a cheek, over a lip, on a chin. Tired of applying with a pencil only to see it wipe or wash away every day? Let us tattoo it for you. We only do natural looking beauty marks and since no actual beauty mark is black, we use tones of brown to achieve your special enhancement.


From $75   •   2 Hours

Scan through any beauty magazine today and you will see dozens of models sporting a fresh, imperfect look, replete with gorgeous personality-adding freckles!!!In days past women used to apply concealer to cover them, but today they are embraced as symbols of independence, youth, individuality and fun. However, some people who always loved their freckles find they fade as they get older or have disappeared due to medications or acne treatments and simply want back what they loved about themselves before. Either way….we have you covered (well, not entirely covered… we will never do too many freckles!).

At Dermal Enhancements we work within responsible limits, so when freckles are requested, we only use inks that we know will gently fade away within a year or two. Trends change, and we want to be cognizant of that at all times.

As no two freckles are the same, and as they are different shapes, colours and sizes we work over 2 to 3 sessions to establish a natural look using complementary hues of browns which work best with your complexion. Between sessions each treatment heals, giving the entire procedure to the most authentic final results. Freckles are a fun little self expression treatment that is wildly popular and we have nailed down our own approach to achieving the most natural finish…since we want it to be your secret. Of course you were born with those freckles!!!

Permanent Makeup Perfection Sessions

$50   •   1.5 Hours

Most permanent makeup sessions will require a touch up about 6 weeks after the initial session. This is too address any uneven fading, too much fading, slight imperfections and/or to darken or reshape as you like. In some cases, optimal results for eyeliner and lips can be achieved in a single sessions; however, we do like to check back and if no work is required you will not be charged. This fee covers supplies only.

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