Scar Revision & Scar Correction

Scars are very complex and can range from a mild nuisance to highly unsightly.  They may result from injury, surgeries, or poor healing from an infection or condition.  They represent tightly bound matrices which have formed over the injured area.  They tend to by hypopigmented....meaning they do not "tan" when the rest of your skin does.  This can make them even more bothersome.

In my studio I am able to use my equipment to help break up the fibrous scar tissue which leads to an improved appearance.  Combined with exposure to UV light to stimulate your skin's melanocytes (the cells responsible for your skin's colour), and noticeable improvements can be made over a few sessions.

Types of scars I am able to treat are hypertrophic, keloid, surgical, acne, burns and more.

It is unlikely to rid yourself entirely from a bad scar, but it is very likely to improve its appearance to the degree that it stops causing you to feel self concious.  

Prices for this service will range, but begin at $50 per treatment.  The ProCell Microchannelling treatment yields outstanding results in as little as a single session due to the use of stem cell serums introduced to hundreds of micrchannels created by the device. This treatment carries an additional cost; however, given the results it can lead to, it is highly economical.