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At Dermal Enhancements we strongly believe that every client should have access to effective skin rejuvenation treatments that fit their budget and achieve long term results. Our skin has never been more exposed and suffering damage than at this time. From sun damage, pollution, extreme weather fluctuations, weight gain or fluctuations, the pull of gravity, lack of understanding of proper care, harmful and/or unhelpful products, environmental exposure and more, it is truly possible to reverse the damage with in clinic procedures and at home care, guided by a thorough skin education. Our treatments are gentle, involve minimal down time and really do work. All have been carefully researched for their efficacy. No single treatment will yield ideal results. We always recommend a combined approach. Our treatments can be done on the face and body and we can prepare a localized plan to treat a particular area of concern. 

Microchanneling / Microneedling

$220/session (package of 4 sessions $820)   •   Includes Post Service Skin Care   •   1.5 Hours

Microneedling and microchannelling differ only in the tools used to accomplish the job. If you Google these treatments I challenge you to find a single downside, other than poor work done by undertrained technicians. This is a clinical treatment. 

By creating micropunctures in the skin, helped along by topical anesthetic, the skin is prompted to initiate a complex repair cascade that builds new and healthy collagen proteins (there are 30 different types of collagen in the body), elastin proteins, and growth factors. From a scientific standpoint new tissue formation is prompted leading to a thickening and tightening of the dermal structure. Sebaceous glands, responsible for sebum (oil) production are “instructed” to behave and regulate making microneedling ideal for oily skin and for clients with all forms of acne, even inflammatory.

Melanocytes, responsible for the skin’s colour are similarly adjusted into proper function, thereby by reducing hyperpigmentation on the skin whether from age, sun, melasma or rosacea.

Acne scars and enlarged pores respond extremely well within as little as a single treatment. Fine lines and wrinkles diminish and often disappear. We are legitimately not over exaggerating regarding the efficacy of this treatment. It is both gentle to the skin, without any damage to the epidermis and exceedingly powerful in the restructuring potential. Scientific studies have shown clients can expect 45% to 55% improvement—substantial for a non invasive, non ablative treatment.

Microneedling can be done anywhere on the body whether on scars, stretch marks, or other skin conditions within the realm of possibility for this protocol. It is amazingly effective in the prevention of aging as well as significantly reversing the signs of it.

Treatment protocol consists of once monthly treatments up to 6 on a given area. Thereafter maintenance sessions are suggested as frequently as 4 months and no less than 6 for maintenance of results.

We treat the face, neck, décolleté, hands, arms, armpits, knees, inner thighs and buttocks. The treatment works wonders around the orbital bone without the risks of more aggressive and ablative treatments, and without the cost.

Treatment includes a take home made-in-house hyaluronic acid hydrating and soothing serum. Downtime is little more than 2 days, and cosmetics can be applied after 24 hours. This is perhaps one of the most attractive features of this modality of skin resurfacing.

At Dermal Enhancements we prioritize client education. Perfect skin cannot ever come from any cosmetic or clinical procedure. The marriage of natural and effective home care with skin care products that deliver, along with this treatment and maintenance sessions are the ideal combination. No client has walked away unhappy to date!!To learn more about home care, please visit the product page for more information.


$45 30 minute (per area).$80 60 minutes (per area)

Pressotherapy can be combined with manual lymphatic drainage for the head and neck. Pressotherapy, also known as lymphatic drainage, is a non-invasive treatment that involves the application of air pressure, alternating between compression and decompression on parts of the body. This can help to stimulate the lymphatic system which helps to clear toxins from the body and stimulate blood circulation. Pressure is applied with a specialised pressotherapy device. Pressotherapy has both cosmetic and medical uses. 

Clients may opt for a full body pressotherapy treatment that involves dressing in three separate garment pieces—one for each arm/chest/breast area and a full set of trousers that extend upward over the stomach. The pressotherapy device is then hooked up and the garment does the work while you relax.

The alternating compression and decompression has been shown to help with the appearance of cellulite and commonly results in the loss of water weight.

Medical applications include lymphedema, restless leg syndrome, pre- and post-operative lymphatic drainage, fluid retention, poor circulation, stretch marks, fatigue, post-partum, prevention of varicose veins, pain management, anxiety management, muscle and joint pain and tension, and overall relaxation.

Cosmetic applications show a reduction in the appearance of cellulite and dull lax skin. It assists with weight loss when weight is due to fluid retention and improper function of the lymphatic system. Clients who are overweight/obese are more likely to be sedentary which slows lymphatic drainage function. In these times of home offices, more and more people are not moving about as they once did, contributing to weight gain, muscle tension and decreased health. With a doctor’s permission, clients who suffer from auto immune conditions will benefit, particularly when experiencing a flare up. This also applies to fibromy.

If you have had recent surgery or body contouring treatments, pressotherapy is recommended to optimize healing (with physician consent).Similarly, some patients will have chronic fluid build up following some surgeries and will require regular lymphatic drainage treatments. A doctor’s clearance is always required. Pressotherapy is not recommended for women who are pregnant, patients with varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, heart or kidney conditions.

Typically a series of 8 treatments of about 20 to 40 minutes is required with routine maintenance thereafter. Treatments are very relaxing and serve to ease tension and stress.

Scar Revision

From $120   •   1.5 Hours

If you have scars or stretch marks that bother you, look no further. At Dermal Enhancements we employ microneedling and dry needing to revise scars. By revision we mean that the appearance of the scar is softened, colour is altered and the scar itself blends back in with the skin around it. If the scar is evident with a different texture, this is known as scar collagen and it is the body’s way of protecting the area from further injury. The tissue is denser and often discoloured or lacking in colour. With our methods the healing process prompts a replacement of scar collagen with healthy collagen. Several treatments will be required depending on the extensiveness of the scar or stretch mark.

We have tremendous success with acne scars, piercing scars, surgical scars, stretch marks anywhere on the body, and injury scars. If we are not able to soften the scar to your satisfaction (results always vary from client to client) then we can consider a scar camouflage which is a tone on tone washed out tattoo over the area. This is only suitable for lighter skinned clients and on areas which will not be chronically exposed to the sun.  

Hair Growth Stimulation

From $220   •   45 mins

Thinning hair, receding hairline or hair loss can be treated with a combination of microneedling and specialized serums, along with home care to stimulate dormant fair follicles into regrowth. Provided the hair loss type is responsive to treatment (long term male pattern baldness will not likely respond), microneedling has been scientifically shown to be very effective and should be considered a first course of action before any other more complex and costly remedies. Treatment is about 45 minutes.  

Chemical Peels

From $120   •   1.5 Hours

Today chemical peels continue to hold an important place in a good healthy skin care regimen. This is of primary importance for people interested in preventing or addressing the signs of aging and those who are dealing with acne. A chemical peel prompts a deep exfoliation and also helps stimulate collagen and elastin production. There is always a few days’ downtime after a treatment, with some redness and flaking; however when the healing is complete, the skin is bright, rejuvenated and healthy. We always use near infared light post treatment to reduce erythema and jump start healing. 

Chemical peels might sound daunting, but they are made from naturally occurring botanical products. They work effectively to combat aging, especially in trouble areas like hooded eyelids, crow’s feet, neck and décolleté.

At Dermal Enhancements we use Dermogeneras-Italy glycolic, salicylic and mandelic peels. All peels are similar inasmuch as they rejuvenate skin and stimulate collagen production, but each has a distinct purpose. At your consultation, we will discuss the best approach to treat your concerns. Chemical peels are recommended as routine care treatments, 3 to 4 times a year, in addition to good home care.

A glycolic peel, for example, can be used to treat hyperpigmentation, including melasma, it loosens up dead skin cells, particularly for oily and acneic skin types and helps extract blackheads and treat pimples. It can also be used on stretch marks. It is great as an anti-aging protocol as it can help address skin laxity, dull pallor, and other signs of photo aging such as dark spots and fine lines and wrinkles. Photo aging can also result in rough scaly spots on the skin which can become cancerous if not treated. As a preventative approach a chemical peel is a smart choice. A mandelic peel provides all the same benefits as a glycolic peel but is gentler and very well tolerated by clients with sensitive skin types. Mandelic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid is a relatively new entrant to the world of chemical peels. Clients may opt for mandelic exclusively or alternate between stronger peels and a mandelic peel.

Salicylic acid peels belong to the beta hydroxy acid family and have been well studied for their benefits in treating clients with oily and acneic skin. It has the ability to exfoliate cells and extract blackheads, while also treating the signs of aging. It is often used to treat hyperpigmentation and melasma.

When we apply chemical peels at Dermal Enhancements we are always mindful of skin tone and therefore start off with lower strength peels and build up. Getting the best results for your condition is our primary emphasis and respecting your skin’s tolerance is an approach we prioritize. 

Light Therapy

From $40   •   30 Mins

Dermal Enhancements offers full body and face low level light therapy that has been scientifically shown to aid in a vast array of conditions. From anxiety, insomnia, seasonal affective disorder and depression, to skin rejuvenation which stimulates collagen production, tightens skin, reduces the signs of aging and addresses damaged skin (scars, stretch marks) owing to reduced inflammation and improved cellular function and an increase in melatonin production. Additionally, light therapy is gentle and has no down time or down side and can be used to treat pigmentation problems, melasma and even rosacea. Low level light therapy, in fact, replaces intense pulsed laser (IPL) in many treatments. Acne sufferers have a non-medical solution to addressing all types of acne, even when inflamed, on the face, chest and back, with the miraculous blue light therapy treatment.
Clients who suffer from chronic pain, or who have a need to expedite healing after an injury or surgery benefit significantly from near infrared light therapy. In fact light therapy BEFORE and after surgery is recommended to rejuvenate cells. This treatment is very common with elite athletes to improve performance and address joint and muscle pain.

Based on science developed by NASA, our cells absorb specially designed long wavelength LED lights set to specific nanometers. These lights are warming but produce no heat. Treatments are relaxing and last no more than 30 minutes. To date, science supports the benefits of red, blue and near infrared. Other light colours are being studied, but have not yet borne reliable results. With our full body panel, clients can benefit from red and near infrared simultaneously which is really the best of both worlds.

For skin rejuvenation, aging, stretch marks, scars, pigmentation issues, laxity.

For all types of acne, including cystic, as the blue light destroys the bacteria within the skin.

Pain management, wound healing, injury repair, cellular repair.

insomnia, anxiety, depression, tension.

Clients may choose a treatment course of 8 to 12 sessions, followed by maintenance sessions. Clients with chronic issues may wish to purchase a light panel for more regular home use and this can be arranged through our studio.

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