Tattoo Lightening and Removal &

Permanent Makeup Lightening and Removal

If you have a small to medium sized tattoo that you want entirely removed or lightened enough to be covered, I am able to, generally in multiple sessions, remove the ink for you.  It always helps to know the age of the tattoo, the ink used, and, of course your health history must be detailed to me in order to determine your candidacy.

If you have old permanent makeup that you have grown unhappy with, that has faded an to an off colour, or if your skin has been over saturated with pigment, I can assist.  Similarly I am able to break up scar tissue from too many microblading sessions as well as do colour corrections.  In all cases, the more information you bring me ahead of time, the better able I am to assist.  Please be advised that there are times artists may not give you the best possible treatment, but there are also many situations that are beyond your previous artists' control.  

On a rare occasion misplaced pigment outside of your desired shape, or as a result of migration, extensive swelling or below skin bleeding which may have occurred during a treatment with me, may require immediately removal.  This must occur within 48 hours of treatment, so I rely on you to report immediately.

Out of courtesy to the client, whose tattoo can be recognizable in our small town, I upload very few photos.  Please get in touch for some work samples.

I am pleased to offer free small tattoo removal for survivors of sex trafficking.  An approved space must be secured beforehand.  If you bear the marks of this painful ordeal, please contact me for a consultation.