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Tooth Gems

From $60   •   30 Min

Tooth Gems are fun ways to express yourself without harm to your teeth. We use 3M dental bond adhesive only. They can be applied on dentures, crowns and veneers as well as on normal tooth enamel. We encourage selecting only flat teeth for optimal adhesion. Similarly, flat profile gold plated gems last longest. We have a wide array of gold plated, Swarovski crystals in all colours, as well as opal look gems. Diamonds and specific gems, prepaid, can be ordered for you.

If your gem detaches within the first week we reattach, no charge. Some gems last months, others years and some just a few weeks. We encourage selected only flat teeth for application to optimize adhesion. Post care for the gems is critical. Please arrive to your appointment with clean teeth as you cannot brush for 24 hours post application. Plan to use straws and eat soft foods after application.

Tooth gems are safe and having them applied by a dental office or by us is no different!  A dental office price will be higher.  We have applied single gems and multiple gems, always elegantly done, as we do not do “grillz”.  We have a reputation to stand behind and want only the most refined look.
Each initial gem is $60 and subsequent gems are $15 up to a total of 4. 
We have both self cure and light cure systems.