So, every day I log on to my Instagram or Facebook and see flawless, crisp looking permanent makeup brows with very straight contours and bold colours. The workman(woman)ship of this style and technique of eyebrow permanent makeup is breathtaking and I know this look is all the rage in permanent makeup right now. I was in Toronto over the Thanksgiving weekend and noticed many MANY young women with this style of eyebrow makeup, either cosmetically tattooed or drawn on…hard to tell which, since eyebrow permanent makeup has come so far that it really is hard to tell the difference.

Here’s the thing that I struggle with as a permanent makeup eyebrow artist who is now doing more and more corrections, lightening, and removal of permanent makeup eyebrows that clients have decided are too thick, too dark and not quite right for them. You can ALWAYS add to the drama with a pencil, but you cannot erase once it has been tattooed in an eyebrow permanent makeup treatment!! As an almost 54 year old, I have lived through many eyebrow eras and the story I hear repeatedly from clients on my table is that the reason they no longer have the eyebrows they used to is because they over-tweezed their eyebrows back when it was fashionable.

I am grateful for ever changing eyebrow styles because it is helping me with my business!!! However, what I will not do is risk my business name by tattooing eyebrows I strongly feel you may regret one day, that do not belong on your face because of your natural contours and bone structure, or that are too dark and bold. This may even include the exact shape you have been drawing on your face for decades!!!

Besides feeling like I may be doing you a disservice, whether you agree with me or not, my philosophy behind this is that YOU ARE NOT LOOKING AT YOURSELF ALL DAY….others are….and while they may be giving you eyebrow compliments, there is a good chance they may actually dislike your look, if it isn’t the perfect amount of flattering. You tell them my name and suddenly I may have lost a potential customer.

There are times and occasions when pretty and natural are an absolute must. (well I believe this is really all the time, but we all like to dramatize for the right occasion from time to time). Think about a solid heavy gym sweat, a weekend camping, waking up with bedhead and bad breath….and through all these times your brows are flawlessly shaped with crisp straight contours that look like you are ready for a Saturday night at the club.

This permanent makeup artist aims for the colour, shape and look that best complements your face. A look that makes you look your best at a time when you might look your worst, without the over-drama. It is just something that really matters to me.

Have I had clients not happy with my refusal to do a brow that doesn’t look right? Yes!!! Am I okay with their unhappiness? Well, not terribly, but I would rather that displeasure than the poor reputation of being reckless with your face. I take pride in the work I have put in mastering correct eye brow mapping. I paid a lot of money to get trained in it. I have practiced hours on willing models until I got it just right.

But I do have a superb happy medium!!! Eyebrow Henna is THE perfect middle ground. I use an outstanding product that soaks into the skin harmlessly giving you bold beautiful colour which will gently fade away. Another option is the new brow lamination treatment taking the world by storm….literally a gentle perm which lifts your natural brow hair, causing no damage, giving you a fluffy, thicker eyebrow appearance that is gorgeous. Add a lash lift and tint that lasts 6 to 8 weeks, versus the 3 or 4 with extensions and you have yourself an affordable look that will not damage, will not lock you in, but gives you the best of both worlds.

So, Goldilocks and the three brows? Some are just far too thin. Others are way too thick and bold. At Dermal Enhancements, come get those that are “just right”. Going overboard just gives a whole new meaning to commitment issues!!!

Book a consult today. My taglines are solutions based services, taking care of you. These are deliberate commitments to honour my business credo and support my client goals.

Your natural features, beautifully enhanced.

Katie Mohamed