Believe it or not, you can have very oily skin but still have dehydrated skin.  Similarly, if you have a lot of acne or even extremely oily skin, your skin actually can improve with the application of oils.

It is incorrect to think that because your skin is oily that you need to avoid oils in order to bring it under control.  In fact, the over production of “sebum” (oil) is only made worse by applying things that aggravate the skin or that clog the pores.  Ironically most of the acne treatments on the market seek to dry out the skin with aggravating ingredients which make your skin worse…both in terms of acne as well as dehydration.  Of course, with acne, clients want immediate satisfaction and so drying out current pimples serves them well, but does little for long term help.

Oils that do not clog the skin…also known as non-comedogenic, can actually feed it with vitamins and anti oxidants to improve your acne condition.  There are many amazing botanical oils that nourish, feed and help to correct the skin and if your skin suffers from a severe condition, a few micro needling treatments and/or light therapy and dietary observations can get it right under control, without drugs.

Now let’s look at your daily cleanser.  Many people do not think much about a cleanser other than whether or not it will clean the skin.  Some believe that if your skin feels tight after washing then it is clean.  They are not wrong.  It is most definitely clean.  Chances are, however, it has also been stripped.  Feeling tight after washing your face is not a good sign.  Your skin should feel fresh, but not tight or dry.

A cleanser at the end of the day needs to serve two functions.  It needs to remove the day’s dirt.  Often that may be makeup and sunscreen.  In this case it needs to be cleansed very well.  If your cleanser is a water-based cleanser then it does not contain enough to loosen the grime away from the skin, held on by the skin’s natural oils, in order for it to be sufficiently washed away.  Your end-of-the-day cleanser must contain SOME OIL.

Some oil in a good cleanser will work with the other ingredients to loosen dead cells so that your makeup, SPF and whatever the cells have collected through the day from the environment can be rinsed away.  A morning cleanser can be water-based, or at least gentler, presumably because you went to bed with a cleansed face.  A night cleanser, however, must contain OIL AND WATER BASED INGREDIENTS to accomplish the task of a proper cleans.  And, no, you must not use a scrubbing exfoliant every single night.  Yes, they work wonders and, yes, they feel amazing, but a scrub—even a gentle one, can be too sensitizing on a daily basis.

Having said that, a good facial scrub is a must a few times a week….not instead of, but in addition to, your regular cleanser.  I never want to make skin care sound complicated.  And I never want to suggest that you have a hefty routine day and night.  But to the lazy ladies out there, I can assure you, your skin is going to pay the price.

HYRDROPHILIC:  Water loving.  The outer parts of our skin, known as the epidermis (stratum corneum layers) is water loving.  These are the cells that are getting dried out and ready to “leave the nest”  as all skin cells do every 25 to 35 days.  We need to love those cells equally, even though they will not be with us for long.

LIPOPHILIC:  Oil loving.  The deeper levels of the epidermis are oil loving and need to be nourished and the nice thing is that oil molecules are smaller and better able to permeate to these levels.  If we are moisturising these cells properly then as they process through the regenerative cycle they are healthier, making our complexion healthier and more radiant, smooth and even.

Deeper levels of the skin are more difficult to reach with topical products.  There are many actives that help with penetration and certainly dermal rolling with a .30 mm roller on a bi-daily basis helps your products penetrate even better, but they still will not go much deeper.  We need our skin to be a barrier for us and that is why penetration of products is limited.   Never dermal roll and use topical products together if you experience sensitivity.  It is, however, likely safey to separate rolling and application by about an hour.

At Dermal Enhancements our G’Nite GrACEie Intense Vitamin Serum is your night time product intended to lovingly nourish your skin as you sleep.  In the morning, an application of HAppy Day Stuff Serve and Protect Serum will hydrate and moisturise with both water and oil based ingredients while also forming a barrier to protect your skin through the day.

We make 2 different types of cleansers but favour Mug Shot Micellar Milk which is both a rinse off and leave on.  Mug Shot does not lather the way most cleansers do but when used in combination with a sonic silicone device or a clean non abrasive face cloth it contains oil and water actives that cleans AND moisturizes, leaving your skin feeling amazing. Best of all, if you have irritated skin through the day, you can simply splash on some Mug Shot and massage in for soothing hydration.

Tame the Beast is a lathering cleanser for very sensitive skin.  It is light and may need a 2x application if you are a heavy make up wearer.

Clean skin helps your products penetrate and enables your skin to breathe and restore.  Never EVER underestimate your cleanser.  It does not have to be expensive but it does have to contain the right ingredients to serve your skin.

Ingredients are everything.  But too many can mean you are applying unnecessaries as well.  Locally made skin care doesn’t contain those because the products to not need to sit on a shelf for indefinite periods of time in unknown conditions of heat and/or cold.

For prices and INGREDIENTS, please look under PRODUCTS AT  Ingredients are subject to change as we experiment with new and innovative actives to always bring you the best and latest, but never with any sacrifice to efficacy or quality!.