When I first opened shop and began to use social media to advertise my services, I recall someone replying to an ad that my services were “too rich for my blood.”

Now, it must be understood that every negative comment or reaction hurts a businessperson, whether new or seasoned. We ruminate and wonder what we need to do to market ourselves better. This comment hurt a lot. It was not because I had made a customer unhappy with my service. Rather, it was more a worry that, in my demographic, I may have chosen unwisely.

Well, that was not the case to be sure. And the people that seek out my services are not “too rich” at all. In fact, most people I treat have a need for a solution and it has nothing to do with luxury or extravagance, but everything to do with providing a simplification to life in some way.

Examples of clients I treat are those who work long hours and have children and no longer want to be bothered with the daily application of cosmetics. Others simply cannot keep their cosmetics on through the day due to the need to wear masks, outside work, sweating a lot, or overly oily skin. Many clients come to me after having developed skin sensitivities to cosmetics.  Even more have realized that they do not have that “special gift” of being able to expertly apply cosmetics. After all, the perfect design of a brow or an eyeliner is an art.  Lip colour does fade as we age and our lips appear smaller.

An expertly designed set of brows does for the face what plastic surgery cannot. Not only can brows give the illusion of a lifted face and brow, but they also open your eyes in ways that you never thought possible until you see them on your own face.

One look at my before and after photos of eyeliner is a life changer. Eyeliner transforms and elevates eyes whether done in a very subtle way, such as an eyelash enhancement, or more dramatically, as in an eyeliner with a wing and some eyeshadow on top.

Lip tattoo restores colour, it enhances, and gives us back the contours we were born with.

The magic of permanent makeup has come so far in just a decade. Treatments are natural looking, lasting, and miraculous in their ability to simultaneously solve problems while elevating one’s natural features.

Permanent makeup has been around for centuries. It is a version of tattooing that lets you wake up every day with your makeup on. Smudge free, safe, long lasting.