It stands to reason that the very same botanicals used in the best skin care, should also taken internally. This is true for many ingredients….but not all. For example, Vitamin A is a skin care superhero, but supplementing doesn’t really yield a whole lot of benefit. That said, eating foods rich in vitamin A is definitely a must!

A discussion about the best nutrients to eat/supplement with could fill up the entire internet. Furthermore, it can by dizzying and feel like a lot of pressure! The idea is to ensure you are getting a good balance, as well as alternating your nutrient intake sources, whether letting seasonal fruits and vegetables be your guide, or setting out a plan. A plan might be 3 months of x additions to your daily shake, with a switch over the next 3 months and so on. Of course, your tolerance of such foods will dictate what works best for you. At the end of the day only your body will tell you. You will feel good, have energy, suffer fewer breakouts or irritations and your skin, hair and nails will thank you.

To start this regular blog I want to introduce two nutritional supplements that don’t come in a capsule form. They are optimally added to a daily shake for ease of intake but can be easily prepared into other recipes as well.

Please permit me just a moment of rant. Why are you spending hundreds of dollars a month on brand name “nutritional systems”? Perhaps they take out the guess work, but why do you want to guess anyway? And you are throwing away money you could otherwise be spending ordering nutritional powders that make shake making super easy!

If you want some info on where to buy such powder just shoot me a DM. I am happy to suggest a “list”.


(Methylsulfonylmethane) sounds like a crazy chemical at first glance and, if you are interested in all natural, your first reaction might be a hard pass. Never let complicated names deter you. It is really important to carefully discern skin care ingredients because many do sound chemical, when, in fact, they are natural, and/or completely safe and recommended.

MSM is one of those things. It is natural to our bodies, as well as animals and many plants. It has a very very long list of benefits, skin being only one. It has been used in veterinary medicine for a long time to treat arthritis and other internal conditions. It is extremely affordable and can be added to a smoothie easily without you having to taste anything vile! Give it one month and you will notice a difference in how you feel (assuming you are of an age to be feeling the internal workings of the aging process). I speak from personal experience.

You will see MSM in many skin care products as it has been shown to help other ingredients’ permeability. This means, when it is in your product it helps to deliver that product deeper within the layers of the skin, yielding optimal results. In fact, did you know that only about 11 percent of most traditional skin care products actually permeate beyond the first few layers of the epidermis? That doesn’t do you much good for staving off aging now does it?

I add MSM to nearly every skin care product I make. It is innocuous enough to not cause any irritation, yet powerful enough to help my products work better for you.

MSM is purported to address concerns like inflammation, arthritis, bowel troubles, pain, RA, hair loss, muscle cramps, wrinkles and laxity, acne. Much of the research related to skin improvements is around how it works to increase cell permeability in order for nutrients to be better absorbed.

I have read up a lot on MSM and come across several articles that state that more research is necessary. That said, I have read an equal number that promote its benefits. Skin care companies are not just going to toss anything into products without sufficient research. Vets aren’t going to use anything that is a waste of time.

If you are vegan, then make sure your source is plant based. It is not dissimilar from collagen in sourcing. With collagen, vegan or not, the best source is grass fed bovine. The plant variety isn’t really collagen at all…but “collagen like”.

Here is one research article I came across. If you are serious about learning more, I recommend always clicking on the reference links. Yes, you go down a lot of rabbit holes but that’s what learning is about, n’est pas? 


Chai Seeds

Chia seeds as a source of protein isn’t new. One visit to Booster Juice and for a dollar you can add a scoop of chia to your blend to feel fuller and get some protein in you. I use chia seed oil in my skin care, particularly any product that is intended to address acne or other skin inflammation, because its nutrient profile is so dense, I am in disbelief that they were once laughable in the “ch ch ch chia” weird plant product phase from the 80s.

Side bar: here is a link for a Bob Ross Chia Pottery Planter in case you are feeling nostalgic.

So not only are chia seeds a source of protein which make you feel full, leading to weight loss, they also contain nutrients that promote heart health and optimal digestion. One of the tell-tale signs of a poor digestive system is dull and sluggish skin pallor. If things are not moving properly on the inside, it is visible. On the other hand, good internal health totally shows in the health of your skin.

Chia seeds are loaded with calcium, Omega fatty acids (which help keep skin hydrated and serve to support collagen production), and fiber. They help reduce inflammation which helps all manner of skin conditions from acne to psoriasis and dermatitis. Chia seeds absorb more than 100 times their weight in water, so they also provide an excellent source of hydration. Owing to their calcium profile they are a must for lactose intolerants, and older women.

I make a smoothie every day. I have posted this before on my Instagram and…yes, yes, I know I am talking a huge expense. BUT…hear me out. Is your health not worth it? Like if you aren’t cooking all day and making sure you are getting leafy greens, colourful fruits and vegetables, how else are you going to get this into your system? If you have tried juicing you will know it is a horrid mess, with so much wasted nutrients (you CAN ingest fruit rinds!!).

Buy a Vitamix. Either that or research an equivalent in terms of power. I happened to get my Vitamix on a crazy sale that I honestly believe was a glitch in the computer system ($149…. legit). The professional series Vitamix blenders go for around $700. (I am not being paid by anyone…trust me).

That said, if texture grosses you out, you want everything in your smoothie pulverized. You don’t want chunks of smoothie or the grainy texture of MSM. I toss in a quarter of a lemon every day, several chunks of ginger and turmeric…. rind and all. When all is mixed together, I rinse in hot water and let air dry for tomorrow. With the lemon and the fruits I do not taste the ginger, the turmeric, the kale, the carrot, the sweet potatoes…. (I toss it up).

As much as I wish I could create the perfect line of skin care products to make your skin glow without you having to tend to anything else, I would. It would make me rich…why wouldn’t I?

You are the only person in control of how your skin looks. On the skin care end you can trust me to have done the research. That much I can promise. Everything up front, all the time.

On the nutritional end….maybe one day you can drop by my shop and buy yourself a skin love smoothie. That isn’t happening right now.

I can make you a list, and help you shop or shop for you. No problem. I do it for myself all the time.

Just always remember this goal of beautiful skin is a team effort.